It may not have escaped your attention that late on a Sunday evening ITV are showing a period drama. Indeed come Monday morning there’s barely a TV programme or radio show that isn’t discussing the previous nights episode.

This morning I thought I’d do a little research for you on this programme and see if I could give you a little more insight into this programme. So what can I tell you? Well its set in Highclere Castle, and has won lots of awards like Bafta’s and Emmy’s for everthing from the quality of the acting to the costume design. End of research.

You might therefore be thinking that pressing the right button on your remote control at 9.00pm would lead to an evening of sparkling entertainment. Indeed a few weeks ago the furore surrounding this programme finally caught up with the good lady in our house. Whilst I was blissfully happy watching the 5th repeat of Top Gear on Dave, or some other lesser channel, I have now had to watch two episodes of this programme.

So what can I report to you about it? Well it is without doubt the most pompous piffle currently shown on the television. I have been unable to deduce any of the story and I think this maybe because it moves so slowly thatI have been unable to add up any coherent parts to make sense of it. 

It seems to me that Downton Abbey is to actors what jazz music is to musicians. That is that it is very self indulgent, and only understood by them. In fact I’ve got a better metaphore for this overstylish, lavishly produced useless nonsense. It is the Brabantia bin of television.

Anyway that’s enough of me moaning, I’m off to watch a classic episode of the A team. It’s the one where they’re chasing Jimmy Saville, and despite shooting a thousand rounds of bullets, they fail to hit him. A shame really.    

Here’s this weeks ride, it doesn’t go past Brabantia Abbey.