Welcome to this weeks news and details of Sunday mornings ride. You may have noticed over the last few weeks that I have been absent in both words and action, however I can assure you that behind the scenes there is almost some work being done to ensure that the Isotonic range of Ales and wines is kept in top condition for the fine velos fatletes.

It seems that much has happened since I last hammered away on the keyboard of my ZX80. Indeed her Maj Dizzie Lizzie Babe has popped across the water to Ireland for a McGuiness. It’s amazing what you can get over there, I popped into Leighton Buzzard the other day and the best I managed was a McFlurry.

Moving closer to home, the Olympics are rapidly approaching, and I’ve been in constant contact with Seb regarding the Dave “hill” Howe Krong Pursuit challenge. Well Seb may be a world champion, an outstanding olympian, and a great amabassador for sport in this country, but his administration skills are pants. I’ve had no reply to any of my requests, none the less I feel confident that there is still time to include this important event. Watch this space.

Back at Velos central, we were graced last week with the presence of the comedy maestro Arthur Smith. Now apparently on his way to us he popped into a tent on the lawn and managed to raise a few laughs, but I have it on good authority that he was keen to get his hands on a vinghoe velos cycling top. Well looking at his attire you can see why he’d want a piece of the latest fashion attire. Unfortunately I didn’t get to speak to Arthur about the cycling club as his legendary drinking and smoking would make him a prime candidate for membership. An open invitation is extended via this posting.


Unusually I am now actually going to put some information out on cycling.

Firstly this week peddleathons:

Long Route

Intermediate Route

Now a couple of reminders:

Andrew and Josie’s London to Paris is approaching rapidly so if you’d like to add your support by way of a little sponsorship then you can do so here:

Please help Jose and Andrew on their way to Paris

In early September our special envoys are on a recruitment ride in northern France. Jim Kendick is heading up organisation for the trip, and if you’d like to join them, or your outstanding any information then please send it in to the mail address and I’ll make sure Jim gets the details.

That’s all folks!