One Excuse Too Many?

Well you might find 3 in this weeks post as I try to explain last weeks lack of ride information. As you will see a mixture of human error and technological failure conspired against us. So much like the chicken and egg, which came first?

 Human error! Anyone surprised? At around 8.00pm on Saturday whilst sniffing the top of a fine wine Andrew realised no rides were out and immediately issued a text SOS to his fellow organisers. His request was simple, could either Hegs or myself put out a ride? Andrew advised that he was at a Bunga Bunga party, and that much like one of his cycle rides, it was likely to over run by some hours and result in excessive alcohol consumption.

I replied immediately that if John was unable to oblige by 9.00pm then I would put out the rides. I felt confident that our technology guru, Hegs, would simply speak to his computer and hey presto, a couple of nice paragraphs and a route would mystically appear. Here however, technology failed me, my text message did not leave my phone. This was compounded by Human error as I failed to notice until Monday.

As for John, well he was California Dreaming, presumably in silicone valley. His excuse, Jet lag, though frankly if he’s nesting his head between Pamela Anderson’s finest I cannot see how this can be true. Whatever the truth our man at the forefront of communications was un-contactable. I think I’m now up to 4 excuses.

Still, and despite of these failings, an excellent turn out still ensued, and for the first time in Vinghoe Velo history the Jazz plan was implemented. As you may imagine this takes its form from the improvised music of the same name, whereby much like the musicians, the cyclist makes it up as he goes along. We must be thankful that some of the more obscure principles of Jazz music were not applied as this would  have resulted in everyone cycling in a different direction!

So too make up for this sack load of poor excuses I am pleased to issue this weeks rides well in advance. If you find time, in between shooting striking public servants, then please take a look and print them off for Sunday. I will now do some work.

Long Route

Short Route