Good afternoon from Vinghoe Central, and welcome to this weeks news and rides.

So news first, well Mark Cavendish may have won the world championship, but he couldn’t beat the Wiggle Rut. For those of you unfamiliar with this annual sportive here’s a little more information for you. Long before the continental plates went their seperate ways this challenging ride formed a mountain stage on the Tour de France, but today thanks to those shifting plates it’s now firmly located somewhere near Leicester. Those wanting more precise  details on the start point should not contact John Hegarty as he beleives the start point was just north of Milton Keynes.

This challenging route is 74 miles long if you fancy a morning run, and for those wanting to go to lunchtime, there is the option of a 100 miler. Ever considerate, the vinghoe velos elected to take the shorter route so a not to intimidate those hardened professionals doing the longer one. As noted earlier this route is well known for it’s mountainous terrain, according to Andy Beezer even the slightest climb was a category 5. (I don’t know what this means either, I thought it was computer cable) In fact the route was so challenging even our own King of the mountain, Jim, succommed after 35 miles and decided to take a nap whilst still on his bike. With his stabilisers missing he quickly departed the road, and continued his sleep into the hawthorn bushes. For those of you that are concerned I can confirm there was no lasting damage to the bush. This meant that Jim was unable to complete the ride, although one kind velo offered to take his timing chip over the finish line so that he “could get a really shit finishing time”. Our team spirit remains ever strong.

This meant that having lost two riders before the start, one to Delhi Belly and the other to Man flu, we were down to seven riders. Still the strongest team entry in the competition. New tictacs were therefore needed, but we didn’t have any so Scottish Dave, and little Dave set off in pursuit of the quickest time, eventually crossing the line in a very respectable 4.51. The remaining five, Andy and Hannah Beezer, John Hegarty (navigator), myself and another bloke called Dave finished in 5.01 thus ensuring that the team trophy was awarded to Vinghoe Velos. We await delivery of the trophy to our headquarters, the Rose and Crown, which we are assured is in the post.

Despite our significant entry in the rut there was still a good turn out for our regular Sunday morning ride. So thanks to all those who led this ride, in the absense of some of the usual suspects. For this week, business is very much back to normal, with guaranteed tropical weather. One route only, but two groups so that there’s a pace suitable for all. Just to clarify that means slow and not quite so slow.

2 October ride.

Until tomorrow.