Thanks to a strong turnout from the Vinghoe Velos last week the ladies only event was a fantastic event. In fact over 90% of the participants were on bycylces, and were joined by none other than Ms Victoria Pendleton. Unfortunately for VP the Vinghoe Velos were on home ground, and she struggled to keep up for much of the route, eventually stopping in  Ivinghoe Aston for refreshment and a thigh massage from Andrew. Whilst there she showed her keen observation skills by confirming that Andrew was indeed not a girl. Once revitalised she rejoined and completed the 25 mile course in a not too bad 27hours and 13minutes. Another world record, and a round of applause from the sealions. Well done to all.

And so to this weeks ride. Well the good news is that we won’t be going past Leighton Buzzard so we all stand a chance of making it back without having to put some tarmac down first. And the bad news? There is none. No just the usual flat ride out with a choice of two speeds. Slow for those that want to get round as quickly as possible, and leisurely for those that want to enjoy the country side. So hear goes:

Sunday ride