Is it a monster? No it’s a Vinghoe Velo, blue shirt glinting in the early morning hue, hair in his eyes, cuddling his handlebars and yelling no more hills, PLEASE Dave. But boy is it a monster weekend.

First up Mary Sainty and Friends are heading for the Bucks Historic churches ride, leaving from Ivinghoe Church at 10.00am today. Let’s hope they can bring back plenty of free lead for us.

Next up is the Ladies Cycletta which takes place tomorrow morning from whipsnade zoo. Jose comments “It’s not the penguins that bother me, but those bloody bison are enormous. Hit one of those and your bike is gonna be pipework”. Good luck to all the ladies taking part tomorrow, especially the friends and members of the vinghoe velos, as well as the helpers manning the rifles.

And of course for the rest of us there is usual Sunday ride. This week we have dropped the short route as there has been no take up on this in recent weeks, with everybody preferring to take the longer ride. However, the longer route is now divided into two groups, the quick set (this is a relative point) and those that prefer a leisurely pace. So if in recent weeks you’ve felt that we’ve all been chasing quick times and high average speeds, when all you wanted was a pleasant ride out on a Sunday morning, and have perhaps been a little reluctant to come along, we’ve now made sure there’s a like minded bunch to go with.

We remain a club for people that just want to ride their bikes, irrespective of what sort of bike it is, or how old it is. In fact the more out there your bike is the more welcome you are. Tandems, choppers, and Penny Farthings all welcome. Exotic state of the art bikes are also welcome but please ensure you have no athletic ability whatsoever if you want to turn up on one of these.

And so here is this weeks ride. 

Long Route