Welcome to this weeks ridees and general up date on nothing to do with cycling. As some of you may know I have recently been in Italy helping their gypsy economy get back on track, and looking after their unemployed at the Giro Italia. This is not as some people think the italian version of Etch a Sketch or Spirograph.

Now when many of us think of Italy, we often think of exotic cars or cheeky little runabouts, but what of your average italian I hear you ask. Well much to my surprise, and despite reports of their economy being in poor shape, I can confirm that Mr 2.4 in Tuscany seems to getting by in his castle and vinyard rather nicely. And his wine tastes jolly fine too.

So there we are, a complete review of the italian economy in one paragraph, and in less words, our rides for tomorrow.

Long route 

Short Route